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Rwanda books arrive!

Great to hear from GITINYWA Louis at the Rwanda Christian Lawyers Fraternity that our shipment of books has arrived safely at their offices in Kigali. Louis says ‘the donation will greatly boost our operations, especially as we have opened up three liaison offices across the country and currently we have expanded our operations as we look to […]

Advocacy books for Sierra Leone

Trainers from the Inns of Court College of Advocacy International Committee visited Sierra Leone in late May to deliver advocacy training to junior lawyers. This is part of a programme that started back in February when Sierra Leonean judges and senior lawyers were trained to be advocacy trainers. In the future, the Sierra Leonean judges […]

The ILBF welcomes your vacation donations!

As the Trinity term draws to a close, law students begin to enjoy their vacations and colleagues across the legal profession enter the summer period, it is a perfect time to take stock of your law library bookshelves. By donating your spare legal texts to the ILBF, you can share essential legal knowledge and connect […]

Proud to support the work of Justice Defenders

Books from the ILBF reach organisations across the world. They are used by judges, lawyers, law students and lecturers, pro bono practitioners and drafters of laws. It is hard to quantify the absolute number of beneficiaries. There are the users of the libraries themselves: lawyers, judges, law students, lecturers, teachers, government ministers, advisers at NGOs, […]

Bolivia: Attorney General’s office

The ILBF’s first ever shipment to Bolivia succeeded because of an exceptional collaboration with multiple partners. Sea freight is generally more economical and arguably less carbon emitting than air freight, but it is not without its challenges, especially when the ultimate destination is land-locked like Bolivia. The ILBF was delighted to receive an application for […]

Latest shipment of almost 600 books arrives at three Ghanian universities

The ILBF’s latest shipment to Ghana was a great example of collaboration in the UK and in Ghana, with organisations and individuals in the UK and in Ghana working together to deliver nearly 600 books to three universities. The story starts with the University of Surrey: in 2020-2021, undergraduate law student David Dadson took on […]