Advocacy books for Sierra Leone

Trainers from the Inns of Court College of Advocacy International Committee visited Sierra Leone in late May to deliver advocacy training to junior lawyers. This is part of a programme that started back in February when Sierra Leonean judges and senior lawyers were trained to be advocacy trainers. In the future, the Sierra Leonean judges and senior lawyers will deliver advocacy training in Sierra Leone and there are plans to set up an advocacy training committee to deliver training.

A generous donation of two key advocacy titles from Wildy, Simmonds & Hill Publishing and Thomson Reuters was handed over to the advocacy trainers in Sierra Leone by Richard Honey KC and Peter Melleney. The books will be incredibly useful for future training events and as a resource for trainees to consult as part of their training.

Richard Honey KC says:
“We are delighted to have trained a really excellent group of Sierra Leonean judges and senior lawyers to be advocacy trainers using the international method, who are now going to be running their own training for pupil barristers in Freetown in the future through a new advocacy training committee. The generous donation of these books will really help in providing some additional inspiration and practical help for the Sierra Leonean trainers as they take advocacy training forward in Sierra Leone.”

The books donated are ‘The Devil’s Advocate’, 3rd edition by Iain Morley KC (published by Sweet & Maxwell) and ‘Advocacy: A Practical Guide’ by Peter Lyons (published by Wildy, Simmonds and Hill Publishing).

In the photo from left to right: Justice Bintu Alhadi JA, Justice Jamesina King JA, Justice Glenna Thompson JSC, Peter Melleney, Richard Honey KC, Alan Robertshaw, Gelaga King, Bibi Badejo and Kitty Colley.  Justice Bintu Alhadi JA, Justice Jamesina King JA, and Justice Glenna Thompson JSC are Sierra Leonean judges and three of the qualified advocacy trainers. The others are the ICCA international committee advocacy trainers.