Latest shipment of almost 600 books arrives at three Ghanian universities

The ILBF’s latest shipment to Ghana was a great example of collaboration in the UK and in Ghana, with organisations and individuals in the UK and in Ghana working together to deliver nearly 600 books to three universities.

The story starts with the University of Surrey: in 2020-2021, undergraduate law student David Dadson took on a work placement, as part of his 4-year law degree, with Sam Okudzeto and Associates, a law firm based in Accra, Ghana. In parallel, students at the University of Surrey were collecting student textbooks in support of the ILBF. It seemed a perfect opportunity while David was in Ghana to ship the books collected by the students to Ghanian universities. At the same time, Timothy Adetuyole, another law student at the University of Surrey, was undertaking his work placement year with the ILBF as our shipping coordinator.

Thomson Reuters donated and packed a large number of key titles and together with the books collected and packed by the University of Surrey, the shipment came to 57 boxes of excellent titles to support university students and academic staff.

Sam Okudzeto and Associates very kindly agreed to be the consignee and to distribute the books once they had arrived in Ghana to UPSA, Pentecost and Central Universities. Their help was invaluable in making sure that the shipment was successful.

The books were formally handed over at a presentation conducted by Sam Okudzeto of Sam Okudzeto and Associates to Pentecost University, Central University and UPSA, in Accra, Ghana on 21 December 2021. 

Handover at Sam Okudzeto and Associates on 21 December 2021

Sam Okudzeto with some of the donated books

The ILBF is very grateful to everyone who worked with us on this shipment. Working for a common goal is hugely motivating and the impact is immeasurable.

The quotes below bring to life the contribution of the organisations and individuals who made this shipment possible. There will be further shipments to Ghana in the new future.

‘It is often said that: “A book is a gift you can open again and again”. This shows how unique books are because it is very hard to give a gift that keeps on giving again and again. Over the years, ILBF has managed to give the perfect gift that keeps on giving. We at Sam Okudzeto & Associates, deem it a great privilege to be the medium through which the younger generation is impacted and has access to the endless opportunities that books have to offer.”

Sam Okuzeto and Associates, Ghana

‘I am delighted that we have been able to complete this shipment to equip universities in Ghana with law books. It was a pleasure to see this project progress from start to finish and help build relations between the University of Surrey, ILBF and Sam Okudzeto and Associates to ensure receipt of the books in Ghana.’

David Dadson, University of Surrey law student

‘Finally!!! We did it. I’m happy myself, David Dadson, Liz William, Katrina and ILBF were able to help the universities in Ghana receive law books. I remember coordinating this shipment like it was yesterday.’

Timothy Adetuyole, ILBF shipping coordinator and University of Surrey law student

‘The University of Surrey School of Law Junior Lawyers Against Poverty volunteers were delighted to support access to justice and the rule of law by collecting and packing 100 legal textbooks which were shipped to three universities in Ghana. Students have continued collecting good quality second hand law books which will soon be ready for the School of Law’s second shipping.

Surrey law students undertaking a Professional Training Year placement were also involved with the initial shipment of books to Ghana; one working directly with ILBF in the UK and one working with the law firm in Ghana which facilitated receipt and onward distribution of the books there. The ongoing relationship between the University of Surrey and ILBF provides Surrey law students with a unique placement experience that covers myriad areas – from international maritime regulations and trusteeships to accessing justice and the rule of law. It has also enabled Surrey Law students to work with students from the University of Law in Guildford on fundraising initiatives.’

Katy Peters and Liz Williams, University of Surrey

‘Once again Thomson Reuters was delighted to support the ILBF by providing copies of our publications for these Ghanian institutions. It is a pleasure to think that these publications are being used so many miles away from the UK, with readers benefitting from the expert commentary of our esteemed author teams. Thomson Reuters is proud to be supporting such a worthwhile initiative.’

Katherine Brewer, Publishing Director, Thomson Reuters, London