The ILBF is run entirely by volunteers who generously donate their time and effort. These volunteers come from a number of organisations in the United Kingdom legal community, including the following.

Strategic Partners

The ILBF also has strategic partners, with which it works to make particular shipments of books. These include the following.

In 2009 the ILBF entered into a mutual arrangement with the Asia Foundation (“TAF”), a significant and highly regarded non-governmental organisation based in San Francisco, USA. Through it’s Books for Asia programme TAF maintains a strong presence in many Asian countries, providing not only texts but also many other forms of charitable input. Melody Zavala, the director of the Books for Asia at TAF, said:

‘[The partnership with the ILBF] can get legal texts into the hands of those that need them – from organizations working to secure the rights of women and children, to village community leaders, and to the students sharing a chair and peering over each other’s shoulders in university reading rooms.’

So far we have made successful shipments to Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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Elisabeth Baraka, Projects Officer of Advocates for International Development, said the following with regard to the partnership between ILBF and A4ID:

‘Advocates for International Development (A4ID) is pleased to welcome the International Law Book Facility as one of its Development Partners. This partnership will help to facilitate greater awareness of the services of each organisation which provide complementary support from the legal community to those in the developing world. A4ID draws together the skills and expertise of the legal profession to combat poverty and inequality of opportunity worldwide. It provides a service to civil society and developing country governments working to further the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by facilitating the provision of free legal advice and assistance through its network of lawyers. A4ID also aims to raise awareness of how the law and lawyers can support the MDGs through its education programme, events, working groups and publications.’

For more information, please visit A4ID’s website: or contact A4ID’s Project Officer at