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42 countries have received ILBF books in 10 years

“ … thank you very much for this great gift as the books that ILBF has sent to us will go a long way into taking us forward as an institution for the betterment of the Rule of Law here in Bhutan …”: we look at the countries the ILBF has sent books to over the past decade.

Meet the ILBF Trustees: Jane Colston

"Access to Justice is a fundamental right". ILBF trustee Jane Colston tells us of the importance of the ILBF objectives to her and the rest of the team.

Meet the ILBF Trustees: Katrina Crossley

"It is hard to imagine what it's like to be a student without access to the right materials, even harder to imagine practitioners and judges without the tools of the trade." We speak to the second of our trustees, Katrina Crossley, about the work of the ILBF and what it means to her.

Meet the ILBF Trustees: Paul Lowenstein QC

At the ILBF, we have been reflecting on the first 10 years and considering what the next 10 years might hold. Our trustees are crucial to the work of the ILBF, so we've asked them about their role and thoughts.

ILBF packing day film

Ever wondered what happens at an ILBF book packing day? This sped up film gives a little insight into what happens to the books after they have been received by the ILBF and we are preparing to fulfill a shipment.

ILBF celebrating 10th anniversary

The ILBF is delighted to be achieving this enormous milestone in 2015. Our 10th anniversary event is coming up on 4th November and we are very excited to be celebrating: it is our opportunity to thank our many supporters over the years and to recognise the impact of our books in supporting the rule of […]