Meet the ILBF Trustees: Paul Lowenstein QC

SA-0915-106 ILBF 10th anniversary logo 2Leading up to the 10th Anniversary celebrations we have been reflecting on the first 10 years of the ILBF and considering what the next 10 years might hold. Our trustees are crucial to the work of the ILBF, so we’ve asked them 3 questions about their role and thoughts.

Kicking off the series is Paul Lowenstein QC. Paul is a leading commercial silk in domestic and international commercial, financial and business litigation at 3 Verulam Buildings.

Can you tell me about how you assist the ILBF?

I am involved in the management, strategy and administration of the ILBF through my work as a Trustee of the charity and as a long-standing member and Chairman of the Operating Committee.

Why is the ILBF important to you?

For me, the ILBF brings together the opportunity to improve access to justice and legal education in developing countries, to avoid waste and to be involved in truly valuable pro bono work relevant to my day job with very interesting and motivated people.

What does the next 10 years look like for the ILBF?

I hope more, much more of the same – that is sending tons of much needed legal texts to pioneer projects all around the world. We will also watch closely for opportunities to assist with digital publications and with other support related to our core work.

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