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Kathmandu University School of Law

At the end of 2016, the ILBF shipped 240 boxes of books to five organisations in Nepal. Through partnering with the Kathmandu office of The Asia Foundation, we’ve been able to get the books to the final destinations and can now share the story of ILBF books, donated by the UK legal community, being officially handed over to the Kathmandu University School of Law.

ILBF supporting the African Prisons Project

Feedback about the impact of the books is essential to the ILBF and we were delighted to hear from the African Prisons Project last week (APP). The ILBF shipped books to the APP in the autumn of 2016: the shipment included books donated and packed by the University of Manchester library team and LexisNexis UK. Read the article and the pictorial story to find out how important law textbooks are to the APP students and staff. The APP undertakes ground-breaking and vital work with prisons in Uganda and Kenya which supports both prisoners, prison staff and the wider community.

A world of books in 2016

Once the final shipment of the year sets sail for Ghana in the next few weeks, the ILBF will have shipped over 850 boxes of books to 21 organizations in 11 countries in 2016. Each year the number and quality of books donated gets better and better. We thought we’d share with you some of […]

Dominica Bar Association

The law library of the Dominica Bar Association recently received a shipment of books from the ILBF. The books were handed over by Miss Mary Roberts, the President of the Dominica Bar Association to Registrar Mr Ossie Walsh who manages the law library.  The ILBF was delighted to receive a photo of the occasion of […]

Why our books count in Uganda and Kenya

The African Prisons Project is making a huge difference to the lives of prisoners and their broader communities in Uganda and Kenya. The ILBF is delighted to be playing its own small part to assist their wonderful work. Peter Tibigambwa, Country Director for the APP, writes about what the ILBF donation means to them.  “GIFT […]

42 countries have received ILBF books in 10 years

“ … thank you very much for this great gift as the books that ILBF has sent to us will go a long way into taking us forward as an institution for the betterment of the Rule of Law here in Bhutan …”: we look at the countries the ILBF has sent books to over the past decade.