ILBF Legal Tech event

Our ‘Legal Tech: Do you want to compete with these emerging systems or do you want to build them?’ event, hosted by Lexis Nexis UK, took place on 19 January 2022.

We were joined by Chris O’Connor from LexisNexis, Charles Brecque from Legislate, and Nick Sherman and Frankie Garcia from Mind Foundry, with Ellen Lake from Clifford Chance chairing the session. Our panel of experts discussed advances in legal tech, challenges and opportunities of AI, and what the future holds for lawyers and their clients.

‘Very soon, legal tech won’t be an optional extra, but the core of what it is to be a lawyer.’

Chris O’Connor, Director of Solutions at LexisNexis

‘The number one challenge in legal tech is always user adoption.’

Charles Brecque, Founder and CEO of Legislate

‘Legal tech is actually more of an opportunity to see how it is changing and how we can stay abreast of it, as opposed to something to be afraid of.’

Nick Sherman, VP of Marketing and Design at Mind Foundry

‘I would encourage people to look at data in a critical and analytical sense—considering how it was captured, for what reason and by whom—because that can paint the narrower picture of what that data is actually representing.’

Frankie Garcia, Product Manager at Mind Foundry

‘Stay curious and take advantage of all of the resources that are out there.’

Ellen Lake, Senior Associate at Clifford Chance

You can watch the full recording of the session on our YouTube channel: ILBF Legal Tech event 19 January 2022.

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If you are thinking of entering our ILBF law undergraduate essay competition, the event will help get your creativity flowing! All details on the Competition page. Submission deadline is 4pm on 28th February 2022.