Declutter and do good!

As coronavirus lockdown restrictions ease gradually across the UK, why not take a little time to tidy your law library bookshelves? By donating your spare legal texts to the ILBF, you can share essential legal knowledge and connect with colleagues across the world. 

Access to legal texts and resources is taken for granted in the UK, but for many lawyers around the world, this is just not the case. The ILBF helps to equip lawyers and judges with essential resources to allow the rule of law to flourish and ensure access to justice.

The availability of good quality legal texts has an incredibly positive impact on the legal profession and helps to facilitate the administration of justice. The ILBF ships resources to a wide range of recipients, including students, courts and law reporters.

With shipments continuing throughout the pandemic, we will be sharing further shipping updates with you soon! In the meantime, for more information on legal resources available, see: Access to legal information during the Coronavirus pandemic.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support during this uncertain time. Together we are making a difference, thank you.

Can you help? To find out more about donating books, practical support and much needed funds, see our donations page, or please contact us.