University of Surrey and University of Law Guildford collaborate in support of the ILBF

The School of Law at the University of Surrey is joining together with the Guildford Campus of the University of Law to support the ILBF. The student-led initiative will be co-ordinated by Katy Peters (Director of Employability for the School of Law at the University of Surrey) and Helen Carter (Programme and Student Lead for the Guildford Campus of ULaw). 

The ultimate aim is to create a group of students who will work together to collect and package books for distribution to universities, legal institutions and pro bono organisations in countries such as Uganda, Pakistan, Cameroon, Iraq, Ghana, Zambia, Chile and Brazil.  A student from the School of Law at the University of Surrey is currently based in Ghana on a Professional Training Year placement and will be working with us on this project.

Initially, the collection and packaging element of the project will be limited by the need for social distancing (although the ILBF is exploring ways to facilitate book drop-offs and obtain old library stock). Therefore, the first project will be a joint fundraising initiative involving students from both the School of Law and ULaw.

The idea is that students will undertake a sponsored (virtual) journey from Guildford to Ghana by each completing a personal target. For example, one student may choose to swim 5 miles, another may choose to cycle 50 miles; with each student’s contribution being added to the overall total. This will allow students to participate in the challenge whilst maintaining social distancing and build a wider sense of community amongst law students studying in Guildford.

Regular updates will be provided about both the overall journey target and individual contributions using social media and a dedicated fundraising webpage. Watch out for stories about the students who are participating and some of the previous recipients of ILBF book deliveries. Hopefully, we can encourage a lot of the students to take part; even if it is just a case of donating a £1 for walking across campus!

A dedicated giving page has been set up for those taking part and for all supporters of the project. You will find the giving page here.

‘This winter the University of Law in Guildford and Reading will be joining forces with the University of Surrey to raise enough money to send second hand legal texts to Ghana. The students, staff and their families have collectively pledged to run, walk, cycle and swim the 5,000 miles it takes to get from Surrey to Ghana. Some participants might only travel a short distance, whilst two ULaw third year students have promised to cycle 500 miles each as part of this epic virtual voyage!

At this difficult time in our human story, it is heartening to think that students in the UK can somehow assist their Ghanaian counterparts in gaining a legal education which could make a real difference. Never before has the need for a robust legal system been needed and the team is dedicated to raising the required money.’

Helen Carter, University of Law at Guildford and Reading
ULaw and its youngest supporters!

‘The School of Law at the University of Surrey is delighted to be joining forces with the University of Law in Guildford and Reading to undertake this virtual fundraising journey from Guildford to Ghana. With a long tradition of support for pro bono initiatives and access to justice, Surrey students are looking forward to raising as much money as possible; covering the miles between Guildford and Ghana through a range of different activities and challenges.

Events this year have illuminated just how interconnected our world is. Reasoned argument and articulate advocacy are powerful, vital tools. Legal education – and access to legal texts – enable the lawyers of today to give a voice to the people whom they represent and inspiration to the students who will become the lawyers of tomorrow. That’s definitely #WorththeWalk!’

Katy Peters, University of Surrey School of Law
Katy Peters, Director of Employability for the School of Law at the University of Surrey