The ILBF is ready for your vacation donations!

While many UK courts are in recess, and with the summer weather in retreat, it’s a perfect opportunity to take stock of your law library bookshelves. By donating your spare legal texts to the ILBF, you can share essential legal knowledge and connect with judicial colleagues across the world.  

Access to legal texts and resources is taken for granted in the UK, but for many lawyers around the world, this is just not the case. The ILBF helps to equip lawyers and judges with essential resources to allow the rule of law to flourish and ensure access to justice.

The availability of good quality legal texts has an incredibly positive impact on the legal profession and helps to facilitate the administration of justice. The ILBF ships resources to a wide range of recipients, including courts and law reporters.

Providing judiciaries with up to date texts helps to inform judgments, and the reporting, revision and updating of laws. Here is some feedback from some of our recent recipients in the judiciary:

Kenya National Council for Law Reporting

The Kenya National Council for Law Reporting is responsible for the publication of the Kenyan Law Reports, which include judgments, rulings and opinions of the Superior Courts of record and related publications. The Kenyan Law Reports are the official law reports of the Republic of Kenya and are cited in proceedings in all courts of Kenya.

‘I would like to extend our gratitude as the National Council for Law Reporting to the entire ILBF team for the donation of the Law Reports and other legal texts. As a Law Reporting institution, we rely on previous law reports to enhance the quality of our work and for legal research purposes, and the donation of books from ILBF will help us in achieving our objectives.’

Linda Awuor, Team Leader, Research and Development Department, National Council for Law Reporting.

Tanzania Court of Appeal

The Tanzania Court of Appeal is the highest court in the Tanzania judiciary. The Library of the Court of Appeal of Tanzania provides access to essential legal resources and materials.

‘On behalf of the Judicial Officers (Judges and Magistrates), Court Officers (independent advocates and state advocates), Judicial Stake holders and the general public who benefit from the services rendered by our law libraries, I strongly appreciate and value the donation of about 600 law books.’

Wilberforce Luhwago, Head of Library Services, Court of Appeal, Tanzania.

These are just two recent examples highlighting the value of cross-border knowledge sharing among judicial colleagues, facilitated by the ILBF with the vital support of the UK judicial community.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the judges and courts who regularly donate books to the ILBF. Thanks in particular to the RCJ Library team in London, who regularly organise fundraisers and help to collect, sort and pack books for shipment. 

Your support is invaluable, thank you.

Can you help? To find out more about donating books, practical support and much needed funds, see our donations page, or please contact us.