Keeping fit and sharing legal knowledge one step at a time!

Only seven weeks to go before the Royal Parks Half Marathon on 14th October! Our team of eight lawyers from Brown Rudnick, Linklaters, 3VB, and 4 New Square are training hard:  they need your support to reach their fundraising target. So far, they have raised nearly 60% of their target of £4,000.  Please support Team ILBF via our giving page.

Team ILBF: sharing legal knowledge one step at a time!

  • From Brown Rudnick: Jane Colston, Ravinder Thukral and Louisa Watt
  • From Linklaters: Elly Proudlock
  • From barristers chambers , 4 New Square: Richard Liddell and Lizzy Stewart
  • From barristers chambers , 3VB: Adam Kramer and Emmanuel Sheppard


Why this matters

The ILBF supports the rule of law by sharing legal knowledge. Books from the ILBF are a vital resource for judiciaries, law commissions, law societies and bar associations, law schools and universities, prisons and pro bono groups across the globe, and the demand for books is as great as ever. The money Team ILBF raises will be used to fund shipments of books to organisations who are involved with the rule of law and to justice all over the globe.

This recent feedback underlines what books from the UK mean to the organisations we support…

Photo 3

‘The PNG legal system is common law based and the library users will find these books very useful in enhancing their knowledge of the common law.’ Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia of Papua New Guinea

Southern Africa Litigation Centre August 2018 3

‘With the ILBF’s additions to our library, our ability to conduct rigorous legal research to inform and enrich the human rights litigation we support in a number of countries will be greatly strengthened and their value shared with the lawyers and organisations with whom we work to advance human rights and the rule of law.’ Kaajal Ramjathan-Keogh Executive Director, Southern Africa Litigation Centre

‘I’m happy this donation has come to fruition which we hope will lessen the burden on the lawyers of the Legal Aid Board in search of reference materials in their strides to make justice accessible to poor and vulnerable groups in Sierra Leone.’ Ms. Fatmata Claire Carlton-Hanciles, Sierra Leone Legal Aid Board