Are you the strategic partner for us?


Small charities can struggle to find a strategic funding partner to work with. We don’t have the resources to make hundreds of funding applications, yet our impact can far outweigh our size.  For the right strategic partner who shares our values, working with us could be a very rewarding relationship. Are you the strategic partner for us?

The International Law Book Facility (ILBF) is a small charity with big impact. When you hear our story, it is clear that despite our size, we make a huge impact on the organisations we help.

The ILBF has worked very successfully in partnership with law firms and publishers since it launched in 2005. But we’ve now reached the point where we are looking for a strategic partner which is prepared to commit to support and work with us to help us achieve our mission.

The goal of the ILBF is simple—to support the rule of law by sharing legal knowledge. Good quality legal texts are saved from landfill in the UK and given a new lease of life in organisations across the world where printed resources are scarce and often very out of date.


APP staff excited about the  collection from ILBF

Since launch in 2005 by Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd and others, the ILBF has shipped 51,000 legal textbooks, donated by the UK legal community, to over 180 organisations in 50 countries. The organisations include judiciaries, universities, law commissions, bar associations, prisons and pro bono groups in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, South America and the Pacific.

The impact of the books is undeniably important and achieves incredibly positive results for the training of lawyers and judges, the administration of justice, the revision and updating of laws, and access to justice for whole communities.

Uganda is a prime example in that it has benefitted from thousands of books sent by the ILBF:

 ‘Books from the UK are very important to us, they assist us in our research, giving the best procedures for us to be able to reform, revise and edit our laws.’ Agnes Kisamba, Legal Officer, Ugandan Law Reform Commission

‘…the addition of the 530 critical law books donated to our library by the International Law Book Facility is such a big leap! These books will be read by many students, will enable the effective teaching of law and further legal knowledge that would eventually translate into a broad range of benefits for the people of Uganda as a whole.’ Mr John Kigula , Dean of the Law, University of East Africa

‘A lawyer needs to research extensively on different jurisdictions for him or her to be a knowledgeable, credible and reliable professional being. The books donations avail us with a wide range of information material we rely on for our research, great thanks to ILBF and University of Manchester for the endless support rendered to us.’ Susan Kigula, graduate student on the African Prisons Project law programme

The demand for textbooks from the UK is as great as ever and the ILBF has a programme of shipments in the pipeline for 2018 and beyond.

‘We are looking for a strategic partner who shares our values and will actively support and work with us to drive future success.’ Paul Lowenstein QC, chairman of ILBF trustees

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Could you be the strategic partner to help us achieve even greater success and impact?

To find out more, and to hear about what opportunities working with the ILBF will bring to your organisation, please get in touch with our CEO, Katrina Crossley: