50,000+ books around the world!

We are delighted that since we started in 2005, we have now shipped 51,000 books to 180 organisations in 50 countries!

That’s 51,000 textbooks not being pulped or going into landfill but instead finding a new home supporting judges, law commissions, pro bono organisations and the lawyers of the future across the globe. A simple act of recycling to achieve our goal of sharing legal information to support the rule of law.

But not so simple to organise—we could not have achieved this without the support of our dedicated partner organisations and volunteers, and our funders and donors of books. We thank you for your continued support and commitment: our work is not possible without you.

The ILBF had a busy year in 2016—read our ILBF Annual Report 2016 to find out more about the progress we made during 2016. 2017 was also a big year—and now 2018 is proving to be even busier! We have a hectic schedule of shipments across the globe this year: our next destination is Papua New Guinea—a first for us.

If you are interested to find out about how you can help, please get in touch. We need volunteers to help to run the ILBF and we’d love to hear from you.

Katrina Crossley, Chief Executive

The African Prisons Project unpacking their shipment of books which arrived in January 2018

Books all packed up and ready to go to Papua New Guinea