Meet the ILBF’s Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon runners: Vish Flora

Vish Flora, Search Analyst at LexisNexis UK, is running the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon for the ILBF. The money raised will pay for shipments of legal texts across the world.

Katrina Crossley, ILBF Chief Executive, caught up with Vish and chatted to him about his participation.

What inspired you to want to help raise money for the ILBF?

Advancing the Rule of Law has always been a cause I have felt strongly about since the concept was introduced to during my studies. Access to the law, unfortunately, is not always available. The ILBF takes the much-needed steps in giving access by giving opportunities to those who may not have easy availability of law texts. These opportunities help define how the law develops.

I am lucky enough to work with an organisation that is so supportive when it comes to expanding Rule of Law with numerous opportunities to get involved with. I’m hoping that I may be able to help the ILBF by passing on the access to those opportunities.

Have you taken part in any marathons or half-marathons before?

I have attended various obstacle races, in which the distance equates to a half marathon, however these events are not timed. The closest to timed events that I have attended would be various 5km or 10km races, this would be my first half marathon. I’m looking forward to the new challenge!

What sort of training do you do?

My training is currently split, I currently have a split of around 50% of my week dedicated to weight training, so not to injure my joints. The other 50% is spent on trying to increase my distance and reduce times running. This will gradually shift to more running and less weight training, closer to the event.

Diet is also extremely important, making sure I have the right nutrition has been a challenge, mainly as I’m quite the fan of Pizza. Slowly reducing my intake has been harder than it should be.

Why the Royal Parks Run?

It’s a beautiful route and a lovely day out. Here’s hoping we have some good weather.

If you’d like to sponsor Vish, you can do so here.

Good luck Vish! We look forward to following your progress.

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