Meet the ILBF’s Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon runners: Ravinder Thukral

Ravinder Thukral, partner at Brown Rudnick LLP, is running the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon for the ILBF. The money raised will pay for shipments of legal texts across the world.

Katrina Crossley, ILBF Chief Executive, spoke to Ravinder about his reasons for running and his training progress so far…

What inspired you to want to help raise money for the ILBF?

I have represented several clients involved in disputes located in jurisdictions other than England and Wales. Access to law books in some of those jurisdictions is far more difficult than it is here but just as important. I support ILBF’s mission because it both furthers the universal rule of law, for which we are all responsible, and supports those who need legal texts but who have limited or no access to them.

In addition, I have spent much of the last few months preparing for a number of heavy trials and so greatly appreciate the opportunity to get out and do some much-needed exercise. Jane Colston, a partner here at Brown Rudnick and a trustee of ILBF, has encouraged me enormously to support ILBF’s work and I am more than happy to do so.

Have you taken part in any marathons or half-marathons before?

No. The last long distance run I did was cross-country in football boots around my old school playing fields about 20 years ago.

What sort of training do you do?

Now that the weather has improved a little I am starting to run around Brockwell Park and Dulwich Wood a couple of times a week. The wide selection of running apps and programs makes the process slightly easier as I can track my progress (although I am constantly reminded by those same apps when I don’t progress as I should).

Why the Royal Parks Run?

It is a beautiful route through Central London. My only hope that it doesn’t pour down with rain.

If you’d like to sponsor Ravinder you can do so here.

Good luck Ravinder! We look forward to following your progress.

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