Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon: run for Team ILBF and get law books to where they are needed

Do you want to join thousands of other runners in the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon on Sunday, 8th October, in London’s beautiful parks?  Can you commit to raise a minimum of £350 for the ILBF? Read on to find out how you can join us.

The purpose of the ILBF is to support the rule of law through sharing legal knowledge.

‘I very much hope that over the next 10, 20, 100 years, we will be as strong, but that depends on two things. First more organisations learning of our work, and secondly, others supporting it to the greatest extent they can.’

The Rt Hon The Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, Lord Chief Justice

Our ambition is to reach more organisations around the world. Here is how you can help us to achieve that goal:

Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon: Join team ILBF

Team ILBF will be taking part in the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon on Sunday, 8th October to raise much needed funds to pay for shipments of legal texts across the world.  The work of the ILBF has supported over 150 organisations in 47 countries and the demand of books is as great as ever. But we need cash to pay for shipments!

What will my fundraising support?

Raising £350 will pay for a medium sized shipment of books to one organisation so your efforts on the day, running through London’s beautiful Royal parks along with thousands of other runners, will make a massive difference to an organisation overseas which needs good quality legal resources. The challenges to the rule of law are as great as ever – the ILBF plays its part in assisting lawyers, advocates and judges across the continents of the world through sharing legal knowledge.

How you can get involved with Team ILBF

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Watch and share the ILBF film

Our short film shows the impact of the books on some of our recipients. Please share it!