ILBF celebrates 10 Anniversary: film

The story of the ILBF is a simple one but with a big impact. In 10 years we’ve been able to ship 25,000 books to over 100 organisations in 42 countries. This has only been possible because of the work of a dedicated band of volunteers and the support of a number of key organisations.

But what of that impact?

In our short film you will hear from several organisations who have received books. The stories they tell speak volumes about the importance of legal materials to the rule of law and access to justice.

Huge thanks to the Law Development Centre and Law Reform Commission in Uganda, the Ministry of Justice in Malawi and the Central Law Library in Nepal for your help with our film.

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  1. […] had been one of its creators, and he told us about its work, both orally and through the medium of a video which also carried interviews with some of the grateful recipients of the books in Uganda, Malawi […]