Fantastic day of training for law librarians in Nigeria

Law libraries are a vital element of the rule of law; they curate the knowledge and resources that drive legal education, research and legal drafting, and underpin successful legal representation and court judgments.

Huge thanks to Claire Mazer, Tony Simmonds, Sarah Bracey and Tracey Dennis from BIALL (British and Irish Association of Law Librarians) for a fantastic day of library and information management training on 4th July for law librarians in Nigeria. Thanks to Sinéad Curtin for support on the day. Over 30 law librarians from the National Judicial Institute, the High Court of the FCT, Bauchi State and Plateau State joined us for invaluable sessions on everything from copyright, equality and diversity, subject guides, and online resources, to cataloguing and classification, and collection management. A great discussion too on engagement and library usage, and the chance to find out about how our top UK law librarians engage their different user groups through very imaginative and clever strategies.

Our thanks to Emmanuel Finndoro-Obasi for partnering with us to deliver this training and expertly managing the coordination in Nigeria. Thank you to A4ID – Advocates for International Development and the ROLE UK Programme and UK Aid for financial and technical assistance to deliver the training.