Nottingham University JLAP introduce their law library

The students at the University of Nottingham JLAP group made a film about their law library and what it means to them. In the film, they also interview Tony Simmonds, Senior Research Librarian.  

The law students, led by Belinda Ke Lim, made the film for the recent training event for law librarians in Sierra Leone, which was organised by the ILBF, BIALL and the UK Sierra Leone Pro Bono Network. Attendees included law librarians from 5 institutions in Sierra Leone, while the training was delivered by volunteers from BIALL in collaboration with Momo Turay of the UK Sierra Leone Pro Bono Network and Professor Miriam Conteh-Morgan of the University of Sierra Leone. Victor Turay of Gemfair attended on behalf of the ILBF and Anglo American and De Beers, who supported the event. The feedback from the attendees was very positive.

Here is the film:

Law students at the University of Nottingham JLAP group have supported the ILBF for the last 4 years and in that time have collected thousands of student textbooks, which have been shipped to universities in Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe. This year, Belinda and her team have collected and packed hundreds of books, some of which will shortly be en route to Bolivia. The ILBF is delighted to work with the University of Nottingham law students and is very grateful for all their efforts over the years.