ILBF 15th anniversary event films—Lord Burnett discusses diversity within the judiciary and officially launches our essay competition

We were honoured that we were joined by the Rt Hon. The Lord Burnett of Maldon at our 15th anniversary event, which was held at Two Temple Place on 25 November 2021. He discussed how the judiciary supports foreign jurisdictions, the continued value of providing legal texts internationally, and how diversity within the judiciary can be improved by encouraging greater diversity among those entering the profession. Lord Burnett also officially launched our first student essay competition, which runs until 28 February 2022. More information is available on our dedicated competition page here.

You can revisit Lord Burnett’s speech here.

‘It’s important that the judiciary reflects as best it can the society it serves, that engenders confidence. But importantly also, there is a huge pool of talent in the legal profession which is more diverse than the judiciary that we have in the moment and which is not being attracted in the numbers that we think it should be. But at the start of it is diversity at the beginning of the process, diversity amongst those that are going from school to university to read law, or who go to university and do something different but then think they might go into law.’

Lord Burnett