Fieldfisher and the ILBF

The ILBF is delighted to announce that Fieldfisher has made a generous grant to the ILBF to assist the ILBF’s shipments and the new Shipping Coordinator student placement. Timothy Adetuyole was appointed as Shipping Coordinator earlier this year.

Fieldfisher is a global law firm which shares the values of the ILBF of increasing access to justice for all, and creating an inclusive legal community.  The ILBF looks forward to developing a partnership with Fieldfisher over the coming months.

‘The ILBF thrives on its partnerships with the legal community. Access to expertise, and practical and financial support, as well as the opportunity to enhance the community endeavours of our partners is vital to the ILBF. The opportunity to work with Fieldfisher in this way is very exciting.’

Paul Lowenstein QC, chairman of Trustees