Rule of Law Ambassadors project delivers over 250 boxes of books to organisations in Zimbabwe

The ILBF collaboration with Anglo American and de Beers came about under their Ambassadors for Good initiative. Ambassadors for Good is a volunteering programme giving Anglo American and De Beers Group employees the chance to use their skills to help their communities, backed by funding from the Anglo American Foundation.

Ambassadors for Good helps us to make our purpose of ‘re-imagining mining to improve people’s lives’ a reality by allowing employees to use and develop skills to help community projects they really care about.

Jonathan Hoch, Head of Legal – Commercial, Anglo American

The Rule of Law Ambassadors project was developed following a discussion between Katrina Crossley of the ILBF and Jonathan Hoch from Anglo American at a RELX Group Business for the Rule of Law event:

Engaging through the RELX Rule of Law Café led to an opportunity for our in-house legal team to collaborate with the International Law Book Facility on an Ambassadors for Good project that furthers our sustainability goals, including strengthening the rule of law.”

Jonathan Hoch, Head of Legal – Commercial, Anglo American

Jonathan Hoch, Cecilia Ferreira and Andrew Donovan from the Group Legal team that support Anglo American and De Beers later joined members of the ILBF team at Clifford Chance on two days packing donated texts for the legal community in Zimbabwe.

Volunteers gathered for two packing days at Clifford Chance

Several organisations made applications for books as part of the Rule of Law Ambassadors project. The recipients were: Midlands State University, the Great Zimbabwe University and the Legal Resources Foundation.

Over 250 boxes were packed and shipped to Zimbabwe as part of the Rule of Law Ambassadors project

Colleagues at Unki Mines (Private) Limited, part of the Anglo American Group in Zimbabwe, assisted with local logistics and distribution of the books, organising an official handover on 26thApril 2019, presided over by the Chairman of Unki Mines, Mr James P. Maposa.

“Experience teaches us that access to quality literature is foundational to a quality education. When we look at societies that have sustainably developed in recent years by transforming their economies and lives of citizens, access to a quality education is a distinguishing and ever present factor in such societies… We are therefore proud to support the ILBF in its commitment to advancing the rule of law and access to justice.”

JP Maposa, Chairman of Unki Mines

The local assistance of the Anglo American group in Zimbabwe made a huge difference and was crucial to the success of the shipment in terms of logistics and delivery. Unki Mines will continue working with the recipients to track how the books are supporting the rule of law.

Mr JP Maposa handing over books to Mrs L Masuka Zanhi, National Director of the Legal Resources Foundation

Mr JP Maposa handing over books to Mr V Ruombwa, Deputy Dean of Law of Great Zimbabwe University

Mr JP Maposa handing over books to Professor DZ Moy, Pro-Vice Chancellor Research and Academic Affairs, Midlands State University


Ambassadors for Good donated £5,000 in funds towards the Rule of Law Ambassadors project. A total of 472 boxes of books were shipped, with approx 2,500 books sent to recipients in Zimbabwe. A further shipment was sent to Njala University in Bo, Sierra Leone―more on that story next time!

Representatives and invited guests of Unki Mines (Private) Limited and the recipient organisations gathered for a handover event.

The Rule of Law Ambassadors project is the ILBF’s first partnership with an in-house legal team of a large global company and we are pleased to say it was a very successful collaboration, combining our respective expertise, resources and contacts to great effect.

Partnering with the Rule of Law Ambassadors for Good team at Anglo American and De Beers has been an incredibly positive experience for the ILBF. Not only did the ILBF receive generous funding for two very large shipments, but the ILBF also benefitted hugely from direct practical help in packing books, identifying recipients and logistics in Zimbabwe. Partnerships like this are very powerful and can make a significant impact. We are delighted that the partnership with Anglo American and De Beers will continue in 2019.

Katrina Crossley, ILBF Chief Executive

If your organisation is interested in partnering with the ILBF please contact us.