ILBF named charity partner for LexisNexis Legal Awards 2019


The ILBF is delighted to be announced as the charity partner for the LexisNexis Legal Awards 2019, celebrating its continued collaboration with LexisNexis and the wider legal community to advance the rule of law and access to justice through the provision of legal research resources to not-for profit organisations worldwide.

The LexisNexis Legal Awards recognise excellence and innovation across the legal sector. Award categories cover the whole legal spectrum, including awards for pro bono, diversity and inclusion, wellbeing, knowledge, innovation, business development, and rule of law.

The ILBF’s work to support the rule of law and access to justice is a mission that is shared with LexisNexis, making the ILBF an ideal charity partner. ILBF Chief Executive Katrina Crossley says that the ILBF’s success is possible because of the tremendous support received from volunteers and contributors across the legal community:

‘The impact is long lasting-from helping advocates to formulate robust arguments, judges to adjudicate effectively, law students to qualify, advisers to help the most vulnerable and law makers to update their laws. Across the globe, the demand for good quality UK law books is as great as ever.’

The ILBF is a small charity with a big impact. The future success of the ILBF relies on continued support of the legal profession. Paul Lowenstein QC, ILBF Chairman of Trustees, highlights the value and success of its partnerships with organisations like LexisNexis:

‘One of the best things about the ILBF is its partnerships with like-minded organisations. LexisNexis has been stalwart in its support since the very start. We work with LexisNexis at several levels and hope and trust that the relationship remains as strong for many years to come.’

The ILBF joins LexisNexis in congratulating this year’s finalists. Winners of the LexisNexis Legal Awards 2019 will be announced at a celebratory dinner in central London on 13 March 2019.

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