Halsbury Legal Awards 2016

The ILBF is honoured to be the charity partner of the Halsbury Legal Awards in 2016. The Halsbury Legal Awards were established to embody the values which underpin the legal community and celebrate the importance of the law in our society. The awards recognise truly exceptional contributions across the whole legal community.  It is the support of the legal community that is vital to the ILBF, for funding our work, assisting us with volunteering, donating books and providing storage space.  We are thrilled that the Halsbury Legal Awards give us the chance to talk about what we do to a wide audience from across the legal profession.

‘I am delighted that the Halsbury Legal Awards have made us their charity partner this year. We are a small charity with a big impact but we can’t do it without the support of the legal community – the awards give us a wonderful opportunity to spread the word about our work,’ says Paul Lowenstein QC, chairman of trustees.

Best of luck to all those shortlisted for the Halsbury Legal Awards and we look forward to meeting you on the night.