Feedback from St Lucia

We are delighted to receive feedback from the Judicial Education Institute of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court that a shipment of law books has arrived in St Lucia:

You may wish to know that over the past five years the JEI has been seeking to obtain donation of law books and legal research materials. Over the years, judicial officers of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court have continuously requested these in an effort to improve the quality of their work. In some of our territories there are very little, if any texts books, available to judicial officers thereby impacting on the quality of their work. Also, many judges have frequently resorted to borrowing law texts from practitioners which is not ideal. Many of our judges have consistently enquired of the JEI whether there is any way to alleviate the constraints they face in relation to legal materials… the JEI will now be able to render some much needed assistance to our judicial officers in this regard.

Justice Louise Blenman, Chair of the Judicial Education Institute