Books Arrive in Kenya

Moi University in Eldoret, Kenya, recently received a shipment of 22 boxes of practioners texts and Halsbury’s Laws. The books will be used to aid the teaching, learning and research activities of the university students and lecturers. The university library has approximately 1600 users, for whom hard copies of texts are pivotal, particularly due to a lack of access to internet resources. Loise Mathenge, the librarian in the School of Law of the university said:

‘On behalf of our users I wish to extend heartfelt appreciation for your gift. We are operating with meagre book budgets and these books will go a very long way in assisting us to build our collection, and in meeting the various information needs of our users. The books are relevant and timely! Do send us more whenever you are able to. Keep up the good work and best wishes. Asante sana!’


Nineteen boxes of mixed practioners texts, law reports and Halsbury’s Laws were also received at Kenyatta University which has a newly established law school that was opened in May 2008. James Daniels, who works as a Professor of Public Law at Kenyatta University identified ‘a pressing requirement for an effective law library… aiming to break new ground by offering a modern, relevant curriculum at reasonable cost to all students, who come from a range of different backgrounds.’