ILBF celebrates Fifth Anniversary

‘I am delighted that the ILBF is celebrating its 5th anniversary. From the germ of an idea no more than 6 or so years ago, we have created a charity which is bringing real benefits to law students, lawyers and judges and many others involved in access to justice across the world. Providing access to the appropriate legal texts is vital and it is through the identification, collection, housing, packing and shipping of books that the ILBF is making such a difference. I would like to thank the many individuals and organisations throughout the legal profession without whom the work of the ILBF would not be possible.

The next five years will be vitally important for the charity. As our reputation grows with our partner recipients, and there are more books available to be donated, we have new challenges to face. There is enormous potential for the ILBF to make a lasting contribution by bringing together those who have the printed resources they no longer need with those who are struggling to find the texts which will help them to qualify, to practise and ultimately to contribute to the development of the rule of law in their countries. Our vision of the next five years will see us shipping more books to more recipients and helping recipients build and develop their resources. We will also continue to work in partnership with other organisations to reach recipients in more countries around the world. We want to expand operations with the help of our existing supporters and the supporters of the future we hope to attract. Please join us in celebrating where we are now and our hopes for the future.’

The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Thomas, Judge of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales

September 2010